The Creation of BrailleSmith

Thank you for your time in exploring BrailleSmith. We have a wide variety of braille and large print products to offer that we know you will be satisfied with. My name is Gail Smith and I would like to share a little about the foundation of BrailleSmith.

I have been reading Braille for more than fifty years and have been using braille devices and other types of assistive technology for more than thirty years. I am active in many support groups and networks that serve in advancing the interests and needs of the blind and visually impaired.

I began embossing braille in the early 90's using a DOS-based program called Megadots. At that time, I was receiving requests from my friends asking me to braille recipes, craft instructions, telephone and address lists, among other items. Soon others began asking me for braille items such as business cards, hand-out cards, items for the commercial market and forms used by professionals. Since those early days, technology has changed and I have managed to maintain my knowledge and skills with each advance. In order to expand our services, BrailleSmith was created and now offers a highly efficient, talented supportive production team. This team consists of gifted designers for creating the print products and laying out the business cards with your logos.

We are glad to provide products and services that are not a luxury or even optional, but are absolutely essential for millions of individuals with visual disabilities. We believe that braille allows a blind person to have equal access to printed information, which is essential to having competitive jobs, independent skills at home and equal access in social settings.

We would like to hear from you with your questions or comments. Please contact us by telephone at:
By e-mail at:

Gail Smith and the BrailleSmith Team

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