BrailleSmith offers high-quality attractive Embossed By BrailleSmith Congratulations and Graduation cards to bring a smile to that special someone. Each card is embossed with added braille on the front and inside to fully describe the card and the verse inside.

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Number GR010

Happy graduation, daughter

Colorful flowers

Perhaps it's sentimental, but on occasions like these, the little girl you were comes back
in happy memories...yet nothing could be greater than the pride it brings today to see the wonderful person you've become along the way.



Number GR030

For a Great Guy
Who's Graduating

graduation cap and tassel
on a dark blue card

Look at that grad in the mirror,
filled with vision,
and dreams, and a plan,
Brightly reflecting
the light of a winner
who stands up and says,
"Yes, I Can!"

Look at that grad in the mirror
who knows what he's hoping to do-
He's a guy with a limitless future-
and that is none other than you!

Congratulations and Best Wishes


Number GR033

College Graduate

You have one great journey
successfully completed;
an even more exciting one
is about to begin.

a group of graduates standing
at a graduation ceremony

Wishing you joy...
in pursuing your dreams,
in reaching your goals-
and most of all,
in being the amazing
person you are!

Here's to a Great Future


Number GR036

***Out of Stock***

gold writing on a black and white card with a graduation cap, key and globe

It's time for you to take your place in the world!

Best of Luck


Number GR037

You did it!
Way to go!

a baby bird wearing a cap
and holding a diploma

you may be little,
but you're a big-time star!



Number GR044

As you receive
your degree

silver ivy leaves on a blue
and green card

You've every reason to be proud
of all the work you've done-
The degree that you've received
is a very hard-earned one-
And as the future years unfold
may all your dreams come true,
And may success and happiness
be yours in all you do!


Number GR047

Happy Graduation

a hamster in tennis shoes
holding a beach ball wearing
sunglasses standing on
a stack of text books.

Today is your day
to look ahead,
think back,
dream about,
sing out,
dance around,
get down,
and live it up



Number GR056

***Out of Stock***
*This is a tri-fold card*
How does it feel to be a

gold writing on a lacy green
and blue card

How does it feel
to have reached this day-
Do you sense something
special inside?
Are you happy with what
you've accomplished?
Do you walk
with a little more pride?

Hope you know the rewards
of a job well done-
And you feel that your efforts
came through-
You deserve to feel great
to have reached this day,
You deserve to feel great
about you!

and Best Wishes


Number GR065

***Out Of Stock***
Do you know what
would be the perfect
graduation gift for an
awesome grad like you?

a green money holder
card with a cap and

I sure hope so!
Have fun finding
whatever it is.

Happy Graduation


Number GR066

Guess what, Grad?

a graduate in a
cap and gown

You're outta there!
Enjoy your freedom!



Number GR067

I couldn't be happier
that you graduated!

a graduation cap
and diploma on a
gold card

...even though
making fun of you
just got a lot harder.

anyway, congrats!


Number GR068


a graduation cap and
two long stemmed red roses

Your graduation is a time
to celebrate your
wonderful accomplishments
and explore the promise
and dreams of tomorrow.
May your life always
be filled with happiness.



Number CG001

(Front of card)

lots of shiny gold shooting stars

(Inside card)
I just can't say it enough!
(The word Congratulations is written numerous times all over the inside of card)


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