BrailleSmith offers high-quality attractive Embossed By BrailleSmith Father's Day cards to bring a smile to that special someone. Each card is embossed with added braille on the front and inside to fully describe the card and the verse inside.

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Number FA066

no verse

a tv remote control
shaped card

It's Father's Day!
May the remote be with you.


Number FA065

no wording

a cutout of a
bar-b-q grill

Where there's smoke,
there's Dad.

Happy Father's Day!


Number FA064

Happy Father's Day
to the home

wife holding up a
tool belt

May your hardware
never wear out!


Number FA063

***Out Of Stock***
I'm sorry about
all those gray hairs
I gave you when
I was growing up.

a gray haired father

But just think
what the kids
of those bald-headed
must have been like!

Happy Father's Day


Number FA062

Just thinking
what a good man
you are...

a man and his dog
walking along the beach
at sunset

...and how much
you really do deserve
a day that's all for you.

Hope you enjoy
your Father's Day.


Number FA061

"I'll tell you why.
Because I said so,
That's why!"

Father dog talking
to his son

Have a Happy
Father's Day-
because I said so.
(Sound familiar?!)


Number FA060

Happy Father's Day,

father and son
billy goats

...from your
weird kid.


Number FA059


street signs of the
two above words

It's Father's Day-
go to your happy place.


Number FA058

when you were
just a boy,
we both already knew...

brightly colored stripes
to highlight the verse

There would be
so many reasons
to be very proud
of you...

And now that
you're a dad yourself,
one thing is very sure-
It means so much to both of us
to know how right we were.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA057

To our Dad
on Father's Day

In the car and at the wheel,
in the kitchen with a meal...

father driving a mini van
filled with kids

Napping in your favorite chair,
combing your remaining hair,
on a ladder in the yard,
on the job and working hard...

It doesn't matter where you are-
you're the greatest dad by far!

Happy Father's Day


Number FA056

More and more,
I realize
with every year
we share,
The wonderful man
I married
is the finest anywhere...

a blooming tree by a
lake at a park.

And all the love
that's in my heart
is meant for him alone-
The husband I'm so proud of
and so glad
to call my own.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA055

you talk the talk
and walk the walk
as a man of God,
and Family...

leaves across
a brown and red card

And on Father's Day
and every day,
I lift my heart
to the Lord
in thanks for the gift
of a dad like you.


Number FA054

For My Dad

I always thank God for you...
I Corinthians 1:4

a mountain stream
with a waterfall

When I think
about all the good things
God has given me,
you always come to mind.

Your wisdom
has taught me
to trust in the Lord.

And your courage
has shown me
how to walk in faith.

I just hope you know
how blessed I feel
to have you in my life,
today and always

Happy Father's Day


Number FA053

Just a little
Father's Day "Hi"
from me!

a cute bull dog
looking sweet

Now your day
will be truly


Number FA052

Of all the experiences
you've been enjoying
with your
precious little one...

little feet sticking
out of a baby blanket

...hope your
first Father's Day
brings you a happiness
all its own.


Number FA051

Happy Father's Day

No doubt about it, Grandpa,
You're really great!
But, that's no surprise...

grandpa fish surrounded
by little baby fish

It's a family trait!

Have a Terrific Day


Number FA050

Happy Father's Day,
You're the best buddy
a kid could ever have

yellow lab puppy kissing
on a 'grandpa' yellow lab dog

Love You!


Number FA049

For a Son-in-law
who means so much

Life's gifts are many,
but few can compare
to the love
and warm feelings
that families share

coffee cup with the
name DAD

Family life
is many things,
And one
of the nicest joys
it brings
Is having a son-in-law
so dear...

Who's thought of
in a special way,
Who means much more
than words can say-
Who's wished the best
today and through
the year.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA048

Thanks for loving me...

cute frog prince with a
crown and roses

Thanks for leaping without looking,
for believing in fate,
for sweet first kisses,
and for gently-given trust...

This is the love I've dreamed of-
you'll always be my prince.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA047

No matter how you rock it...

vintage microphone,
cassette tape and
record player

Have a Happy
Father's Day!


Number FA046

Happy Father's Day

sneakers, cell phones
and bicycles

(Inside) a guy who puts
his heart into everything-
especially his family.

Enjoy Your Special Day


Number FA045

For a loving

Who puts the joy
in so many days?
Who lights up our lives
in wonderful ways?

a lighthouse by the

Who's great to be with
and lovable, too?
Who puts the "grand"
in "grandfather"?

Happy Father's Day
with Love


Number FA044

From grandpa's girl
on Father's Day

little girl planting
colorful flowers

Sure do love you, Grandpa,
and sure do hope your day
is just as nice and full of fun
as you-in every way!

Happy Father's Day


Number FA043

Grandpas are storytellers.
Grandpas can fix anything.
Grandpas know the value of a dollar.
Grandpas can be trusted
to keep a secret.

a grandpa reading a story,
fixing a bike,
not telling when his grandson
sneaks a cookie

Grandpas can tell a joke like nobody else.
Grandpas are builders.
Grandpas are friends.
Grandpas are wiser than we'll ever know.
Grandpas are the best.

Happy Father's Day,
Grandpa, with love


Number FA042

Grandpa, thanks
for all you've taught me
over the years-
how to be strong,
how to be kind...

a grandfather owl napping
while reading the newspaper
in his recliner

(Inside) to nap
while sitting up...

Happy Father's Day


Number FA040

There are days in our lives
when the skies seem bluer...
when our hopes seem brighter
and our dreams seem closer.

lovely lake with a bright
blue sky

Hope your Father's Day
is one of those special days.


Number FA039

On Father's Day, Dad,
I always remember the
things you told me to do...

Study hard!
be responsible!
get good grades!
mind your manners!
be kind to animals!
save for a rainy day!
respect your elders!
etc., etc...

a kid listing all the
things he needs to

Being your kid has been
a heckuva Lot of Work,
but you're worth it


Number FA038

So glad you're my

heart shaped picture
of two holding hands
at sunset on the beach

Whenever we manage
to grab some
you-and-me time
for ourselves,
it's often a combination
of energy recharging,
heart-to-heart talks,
and reality checks-
all of which I need
on an ongoing basis...

Thanks for being you-
and for making
our life together so special.

Happy Father's Day
with my love


Number FA036

You deserve
a happy Father's Day,
so I'll try not to do
anything that will
drive you crazy...

a shaggy dog dressed
in biker gear and
sunglasses on a Harley

...and that'll be tough,
'cause that's
what I do best!

Happy Father's Day


Number FA035

Happy Father's Day
to a guy with:
a stomach of iron
buns of steel

guy with a
pot belling and a
sagging butt

...and a heart of Gold.

Love You!


Number FA034

Chilling out
or grilling steaks,
changing oil,
fixing brakes,
sleeping in
or camping out,
catching rays
or catching trout...

cars, trees, houses and
flowers in a neighborhood
scattered across the card


Do what makes you
want to say,
"I couldn't have
a better day!"

Happy Father's Day
To You


Number FA033


You're a very special guy
who should be treated
like a King...

a dog dressed like a king
on top of his castle

That's why
you're wished
the best father's day
in all the land


Number FA031

On Father's Day
with special thoughts of you

12 squares with brown
leaves and earth tone
patterns across a tan card

Father's Day
is a nice occasion
to keep in touch
and let you know
you're thought about often-
and wished
the best always.


Number FA029

We're hoping that your
Father's Day is happy
all day through...

postage stamps of
fishing flies

Just the way
it ought to be
for a special dad
like you!


Number FA028

For the Special Man
who shares my life

couple holding hands
while hugging

You're a wonderful
partner and father.
It's more than a matter
of all the thoughtful things you do
and the loving things you say.

It's really a matter
of the complete trust
I have in you
and knowing you will be there
with me to share everything
life can bring.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA027

(front of card)
Happy Father's Day
Be Happy!

large gold letters and a heart

(inside card)
God wants it that way!


Number FA026

(front of card)
A Loving Husband
Is a Gift from God

sunset at the beach

(inside card)
God blessed our family with a man
whose love keeps shining through-
And He blessed me with a special man
the day I married you.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA025

(front of card)
Happy Father's Day
to my Husband

cup of coffee and a newspaper

(inside card)
It's a perfect time for me to remind you
how much I admire the wonderful man you are,
and how lucky I feel
to be sharing this life with you.
I love you.


Number FA024

(front of card)
My Husband
My Love
How can I tell you the way it touches my heart
to see you as a father?

Mountain, lake and trees

(inside card)
Do you know how often I've thought
what a kind man you are?
And how much wisdom you have?
You may not always feel like
you're a perfect dad,
but I hope you know
how much I see and believe in
all the wonderful ways
you try to be one-
and in the beautiful and loving person
I know you are.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA023

(front of card)
Father's Day
isn't just for fathers...

horses on a western range

(inside card)
It's also for men
who lend a hand
in a fatherly way-
with warmth and praise,
teach and inspire
by example,
and care for others
with a father's heart...

It's for special men like you.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA021

(front of card)
around here,
whatever you say goes.

father talking to his son

(inside card) one ear and out the other.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA019

I'm So Glad You're My Husband
Family life can be so busy,
we have to laugh at how crazy
things can get sometimes...

wild flowers on a green card

...and days like Father's Day
just remind me how lucky I am
to have a guy like you who
helps me stay sane through it all.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA018

Once upon a time,
in the real-life world,
love found a home
in the hearts
of two believers...

crescent moon and stars

Now everything we share,
every tender moment between us,
reminds me how beautiful
our love story is,
and how proud I am to have found
the love of my life in you.

Happy Father's Day
to a wonderful father
and a very special man


Number FA017

For the Man I Love
All My Heart

log cabin in the forest and a deer

You are, you know,
a terrific blend
of helpmate, soul mate,
partner, friend...
You are-
and you will always be-
the love of my life,
the man for me.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA016

(front of card)
Grandpa, Remembering you on Father's Day...

(picture description)
gold fish on a blue card

(inside card)
...with special warmth, special wishes, and very special love! Have a Happy Day


Number FA015

For My Wonderful Husband
Wishing you a relaxing, worry-free day...
an errand-free, trouble-free day...
a refreshing, stress-free day...


And most of all,
may it be the kind of day
a great husband and father
like you deserves.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA014

To My Husband, My Love

Gold heart on a gold and black card

Happy Father's Day
to my husband who is
so many different things... understanding listener,
a warm and tender lover,
and, most of all-
the thoughtful,
caring man I fall a little deeper
in love with every single day.


Number FA011

Dad, You mean so much to
both of us

Gold leaf on a cream card

We just want to thank you
for the thoughtful things you do
that add so much to our lives.
You're a special dad to both of us,
and we love you very much.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA008

Son, take time to relax,
look back on favorite memories,
and create a few new ones...

Three sailboats on a
green striped card

Take time to enjoy
every minute
of this day,
because you
deserve it!

Happy Father's Day


Number FA006

(front of card)
For My Husband on Father's Day

gold flowers and gold glitter
on a brown background

(inside card)
Today and every day,
I have a million things
to be thankful for...but
my thoughts always
circle back to you,
our family, and our
very special love.

Happy Father's Day


Number FA003

Thanks, Stepdad
For the happiness you bring to my mom,
for the relationship you and I share,
for all the qualities that make you so special...

Green circles on a light and dark green card

...I wish you a very happy
Father's Day


Number FA001

To My Husband,
My special blessing

Bright yellow and green card with hearts

You're a very special man
and a wonderful husband.
You've been blessed by God
with the gifts of warm smiles,
laughter, and love.
You're a wonderful blessing
to me and to our family.

Happy Father's day


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