BrailleSmith offers high-quality attractive Embossed By BrailleSmith Easter cards to bring a smile to that special someone. Each card is embossed with added braille on the front and inside to fully describe the card and the verse inside.

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Number E001

It's Easter Time

flower garden with birds,
bunny rabbit and easter eggs

Hope your Easter is happy
in wonderful ways
And your springtime is filled
with wonderful days.

Enjoy This Beautiful
Time of Year


Number E002

For you, Grandson
At Easter

egg shaped card with

You make the family
so much happier
just by being you-
hope you always know
how much that means.


Number E004

At Easter and always,
you're a one-in-a-million

bunny rabbit in the grass

(Inside) celebrate,
to admire,
to learn from,
to love!

Have a Great Day


Number E009

An Easter note
to keep in touch
and send this wish
to you...

flower garden with a bird and
birdhouse and a cute turtle

A springtime
filled with happiness
and special dreams
come true!

Happy Easter
Happy Spring


Number E010

Wonderful You

wreath made from colorful
easter eggs with a big bow

For the warmth you share
and the smiles you bring,
you're wished a
beautiful Easter.


Number E011

Hi, Great-

flower garden with a
butterfly and bumble bee

Who's prettier than flowers?
Who's springier than spring?
Who's brighter than a butterfly
and cute as anything?

Who's wished a happy Easter
from her head down to her feet?
it's you - a great-granddaughter
who is lovable and sweet!


Number E012

Just for you,

egg shaped card with
a cute frog and Easter eggs

If your Easter basket
is the nicest one in town,
And it's filled
with all the sweet stuff
that one boy
can gobble down...

If all day long
you're feeling loved
and very happy, too-
Then, Grandson,
you will know this wish
has certainly come true!

Happy Easter


Number E014

A Daughter
is a special gift.

bright yellow card with flowers,
eggs, and a bird

Happiness happens
wherever she goes,
She brightens your life
so much more than she knows,
Her sparkle can help
give your spirits a lift-
A daughter is truly a wonderful gift.

It's a joy to have you
for a daughter

Happy Easter


Number E015

Can you guess, Grandma?

grandma and grandchild
bunny rabbits hugging

Who gets the big hugs
and the kisses in here?
who gets happy wishes
for Easter this year?
who's always so loving
and loved a lot, too?
Why, grandma, you guessed it-
it's sweet Y-O-U!

Happy Easter


Number E016

You're in my heart, Mom
at Easter and always

bright pink flowers on
a pink card

Sometimes favorite holidays
bring back special memories
of all the seasons you've
made so happy for me... at Easter, Mom,
I thought you should know
you're right here in my heart-
not just at special times like this-
but every day of the year.

Happy Easter


Number E017

No words

cute bunny rabbit with
Easter eggs on his head

It's time for Easter baskets,
painted eggs, and having fun-
So whatever way you spend it,
have a super-happy one!


Number E018

To a Great Brother
with love at Easter

What is a brother?
A brother is someone
who lets you be yourself,
someone who listens,
and cares,
and is behind you all the way...

leaves and a bird nest with
small blue eggs

A brother is someone
to be comfortable with,
and whether
you're helping each other
or just having fun,
he's the best kind of companion
anyone could ever have.

You're a wonderful brother,
and you're love
more than you know

Have a Happy Easter


Number E019


Happy Easter
to an
Amazing son

white bunny rabbit in
a magician's hat

A day should be magic
for such a great son-
so, if wishing can do it,
consider it done!


Number E020

For a son and wife
who make a special couple

flower garden with a chair,
watering can, birdhouse and

It's such a great pleasure
for parents to have a son
and a daughter-in-law, too,
Who share a good marriage,
take pride in each other,
and love one another like you...

And Easter is a good time
to tell you that you're loved
even more than you know,
And you're wished a
wonderful holiday
and joy that continues to grow.

Wishing you both
a very Happy Easter


Number E022

You're a wonderful
so nice the whole
year through...

Easter bunny with a
basket full of eggs

Just bet the Easter bunny
thinks you're very special, too!

Have a Fun Day


Number E024

With lots of love

two baby chick by
an Easter basket with
colorful eggs

This Easter card
is just for you
And when you see
who signed it,
You'll know as sure
as anything
There's lots of love
behind it!

Happy Easter
Happy Spring


Number E027

For a loving son
at Easter

white flowers on a
black and cream card

Time and time again,
a parent's thoughts
turn to happy memories
of the special things
a loving son has shared.
Time and time again,
a parent's thoughts
are filled with pride
for the special things
a loving son has done...

And when that son
has always been
a source of joy,
he's thought about
with love and pride,
time and time again

Wishing a very special son
a very Happy Easter


Number E029

With love, Mother
at Easter

mother bird watching over
her babies in the nest

This time of year
brings many thoughts of you-
happy thoughts of ways
you've made Easter special,
heartwarming thoughts
of how much it means
to have a mother like you...

And, most of all,
thoughts of all the love
and care you've given
through the years.

Happy Easter
Happiness always


Number E030

You know, Granddaughter,
we've enjoyed a lot of
Easters together...

colorful Easter basket
sitting in the grass

...and every one
has been more special
than the last.
The happy memories
of the wonderful times
we've spent together
mean more and more
with every passing year.

Happy Easter
with Lots of Love


Number E031

Wishing you a
Beautiful Easter

purple flower arrangement
on a purple card

At this time of new beginnings,
when the signs of spring
are all around us,
may the hope that is Easter
and the joy that is spring
fill your world with happiness.


Number E032

You're always close
in thought

bird nest with blue eggs
surrounded by flowers
and a butterfly

Happiness at Easter
is remembering
the people who mean
so much all year.

Happy Easter
and spring


Number E033

To the one I love
at Easter

heart shaped wreath
made of flowers

You're a sweetheart,
you're a darling,
You're my springtime Valentine,
And my world
is so much happier
Because I know you're mine.

Happy Easter
with all my Love


Number E034

For two wonderful parents
your love and our family traditions
will always be a part of me...

two baby chicks in a
flower garden

...and I can't thank you enough
for all the Easter moments
you turned into wonderful

Happy Easter


Number E035


God's perfect way
of showing us just
how much He
loves us.

purple flowers on a
light purple card

Isn't it great to know
how special we are
to Him?

Happy Easter


Number E036



He send light in the darkness
He makes joy from our sorrow
He brings hope to our world
He makes all things new

the above messages scattered
around a brightly colored card

Wishing you
the joy of Easter
and the love of Jesus


Number E037

Mom and Dad,
You make Easter special

brightly colored butterflies
on a yellow and green card

What joy there is in every heart
that's shared an Easter Day
with a mom and dad
as wonderful as you
in every way,
For parents make us realize
that happy days like these
Make memories that mean so much
to loving families.

Happy Easter
and Spring


Number E039

Thinking of you, Grandson
Easter is a time
of happiness-
seeing the beauty,
being grateful
for all that
like can bring.

Easter bunny, purple flowers
and Easter eggs
on a green card

It's a time
for appreciating you,
someone really special,
who means so much.

Love You


Number E041

To a special girl
An Easter sun,
a bright blue sky,
some butterflies
to flutter by...

smiling butterflies
on a blue card

A day that's fun
in every way,
All wished for one
sweet girl today!

Hope you enjoy
every minute


Number E043

With love, Sister
God made the earth
so beautiful
at Easter time
and spring...

colorful flowers
in a field

That's why
this loving wish
is for each very
special thing
That makes
your heart so happy,
you just want
to stop and sing!

Have a Wonderful Easter


Number E044

For my wonderful husband
at Easter

I love sharing life with you
It's nice being married
to someone
whose understanding
and sense of humor
keep you going,
no matter what...

bunny rabbit and
bouquet of pink flowers

You're a wonderful husband,
and at Easter-
just as always-
I feel lucky
to share my life with you.

Happy Easter
Love Always


Number E045

Happy Easter
lots of love

chocolate Easter bunny
and decorated eggs

If love could be delivered
in baskets Easter Day,
A hundred baskets couldn't hold
the love this brings your way!


Number E047

A Keepsake Bookmark
Thank Heaven for you

On the tear off bookmark:
Special people in
our lives touch
our days with joy

bright Easter flowers
and decorated eggs

Thoughts of you
are always as welcome
as sunny skies,
and singing of birds,
and the flowers of spring.
You're a very special

Have a Joyous Easter


Number E048

A tear off
keepsake Bookmark

I thank God
for my Mother
There are many
good women,
but you are
the best!
Proverbs 31:29

sparkling decorated
eggs on a green card

Of all the mothers
in the world
that there
could ever be,
You'll never know
how glad I am
that God gave you
to me.

Happy Easter
with Love


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