BrailleSmith offers high-quality attractive Embossed By BrailleSmith Christmas cards to brighten the Holiday Season for those special people in your life. Each card has braille embossed on both the front and inside to detail the graphics and verse of each card.

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Number CR013

For Both of You
at the Holidays

glowing Christmas candles
around poinsettias

Thinking of you both
at Christmas
and wishing you
many moments
of love, laughter,
and all the happiness
the season can bring.

Have a Very Merry
and Blessed Christmas


Number CR015

For an Angel
of a Friend

Wishing you God's Blessings
at Christmas and Always

a Christmas angel holding
up a shiny gold heart

God bless you with a happy heart
that's light with joy and cheer.
God bless you with a happy home
where loved ones gather near...
God bless you with a happy life
that's filled with love and laughter.
God bless and keep you in His care
today and ever after

Have a Very Merry Christmas


Number CR016


God's Wonderful Christmas Gift

a nativity scene with baby Jesus in the manger

(Inside left)
God's gift to us
is the love of His Son;
Our gift to God
is our love for each other.

(inside right)
It means so much
to share God's love
with you
at Christmastime
and all year long.

Have a Blessed
Holiday Season


Number CR020

Isn't God Amazing?

Snow covered Christmas tree in
a snowy forest

Who else could create
such a beautiful
time of year-
or such a wonderful
person as you

Merry Christmas and
God Bless You, Always


Number CR021


shiny red Christmas ornament with
a nativity scene painted on it

As you celebrate Christmas
and God's goodness,
may He bless
your home and family
in many beautiful ways.


Number CR025

For someone very special
at Christmas

Let the heavens rejoice,
and let the earth be glad...
Psalm 96:11

a church on a snowy
Christmas night

(inside left)
It's that special time of year
when the world around us
becomes a wonderland
of sparkling beauty,
when love touches our hearts
and connects us
to people everywhere...

(inside right)
It's especially then
that we count our blessings
and think of those
who have shared our lives
from year to year
in so many special ways-
favorite people like you.

Merry Christmas


Number CR026

For God so loved the world
that he gave his one and only son...
John 3:16

a Christmas angel hugging
the baby Jesus in the manger

(inside left)
The love that gave us Christmas
was a blessing from a child
A precious little baby boy,
so humble, meek, and mild...

(inside right)
The love that gave us Christmas
is within the heart of you
Because the love of Christ
is such a special part of you!


Number CR027

Your friendship
is a blessing

some people share laughter,
some share understanding,
wisdom and strength.

a Christmas candle surrounded
by holiday garland on a green
and gold card

(inside left)
And some are a blessing
just to be around,
because they remind everyone
how amazing it is
to be part of God's world.

(inside right)
Thank you for being such a
wonderful person,
and thank God
for making us friends!

Merry Christmas


Number CR028

You're A Blessing, Son

a Christmas candle surrounded
by holly berries

Thanking God...
For the beautiful gift
of His own precious Son-
and, also,
For the Blessing
of having a son like you
to love and be proud of

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year


Number CR030

You are a wonderful
reflection of God's love

You are one of those rare people
who keeps the spirit of Christmas
glowing brightly through the year,
because your life
is truly a reflection
of God's love...

Christmas ornaments,
gold ribbons and holly

(inside left)
The caring things
you say and do
bring Christ's peace, hope, and joy
to everyone around you...

(inside right)
Every day you show
what Christian love is really about
through your smiles and laughter,
your compassion and concern,
your warmth and kindness.
God has blessed me with knowing you
and, this Christmas,
I pray that He will bless you
with everything good
and that His love
will always llight your way.

Merry Christmas


Number CR011


My Christmas prayer
is for peace on earth-
in every heart,
in every home,
in every land.

a snowy forest at sunrise

My Christmas prayer
is for true joy
to be seen in the faces
of children,
felt through the kindness
of strangers,
and known in the hearts
of believers

God Bless You
at Christmas and Always


Number CR012


Oh, holy star of Christmas,
so twinkly and so bright,
Shine down with hope
and peace and joy
to bless our world tonight.

Christmas tree in a snowy forest
with a shining bright star on top

Wishing you a Christmas
as bright as His star,
as perfect as His peace,
and as warm
as His wonderful blessings.


Number CR022


Wishing You Christmas Blessings

(picture description)
Christmas trees in the forest covered with snow

Peace in your heart
on this glad Christmas Day,
light from a star to
shine on your way,
friendships that gladden,
faith that uplifts-
May all these and more be
your Christmastime gifts.


Number CR023


Godís Love To You
At This Special Season

a short candle with red, green and gold round Christmas ornaments

(inside left)Christmas is a promise,
Christmas is a prayer,
Christmas is the happiness
that friends and family share...

(inside right)
Christmas is the gift of love,
the joy that giving brings--
May Christmas day for you and yours
be all these lovely things!


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