Here at BrailleSmith we are embossing an extensive list of items. There is a great need for these products by blind individuals, as well as the commercial market. We also specialize in large print items for those with low vision.

Braille business cards are something that all businesses should have available to offer their products or services to those who read Braille. Here at BrailleSmith we offer several forms of Braille business cards. We are sure we have the one that will best suit your needs.

Braille labels have many uses, such as labeling vending machines in public places, such as Randolph-Sheppard facilities. These facilities are operated by blind managers and are located on Federal, State and private properties. Blind managers can offer accessibility for their customers while adding the convenience for themselves. These labels will enable blind customers to make their selections independently. Also, we can make Braille or large print labels that blind or low vision individuals can order to use in their daily lives.

Braille and large print menus are another important item that should be available to all blind and low vision customers according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). We make it easy for all restaurants to comply with the federal laws by producing Braille and large print menus.

Product directions, warnings, and user guides contain critical information which the commercial market should make available to all blind and low vision people in Braille and/or large print.

There are items such as Braille greeting cards, recipes, contact lists with phone numbers and addresses, various types of instructions or directions, medical records and legal documents such as wills and powers of attorney that we all consider necessary to participate in everyday life. In short, we think all persons should be able to read the same things as those with normal vision.

BrailleSmith can fulfill all these needs and more for the commercial market and individuals.

All orders are customized to the your specifications. Please contact us for pricing or for more information. (Our telephone number is 205) 388-7261 or e-mail us at

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